Everyone at the Alaska Zoo is talking about PICK.CLICK.GIVE!

If you are an Alaskan resident and you receive the Permanent Fund Dividend each fall, please consider donating a portion of your check when you sign up for your PFD online.

If you make a Pick.Click.Give donation before March 31st, you will be eligible to win an extra PFD check through the "Double Your Dividend" sweepstakes.

Apply for your PFD now and make your Pick.Click.Give PFD donation - search for us under "Alaska Zoo"

If you have already applied for your PFD, you can use the "Add or Change your Pick.Click.Give Donation" button to add the Alaska Zoo - search for us under "Alaska Zoo"

Learn about the Pick.Click.Give program

View the "Double Your Dividend" sweepstakes details

Thank you for helping us advance our mission to give orphaned and injured animals a second chance at life! Listen to what our staff has to say about your donations and the value they provide to the Alaska Zoo.

Video by John Gomes, official zoo photographer. See more of John's zoo videos here.