New Zoo Arrivals

New Animal Arrivals at the Alaska Zoo

We provide care and homes, both temporary and permanent, for animals in need. Spring and early summer are busy times for our zookeeping staff, as animals are brought in by state and federal agencies. We take these animals into our facility, provide them with the stabilizing care needed and work with the wildlife agencies to find homes. We teach visitors about these animals and how we can do our part to ensure that animals remain in the wild if possible.

Note: The Funny River wolf pups left the Alaska Zoo on July 15 for their new home. View the Alaska Zoo's press release.

Species  Arrival Background Information  


 4/4/14 Our new female lynx came from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was born on May 9, 2013 and comes on a breeding loan through the AZA Lynx SSP. She completed her 30-day quarantine and is now living with Tony, our male lynx. She is named Julie after Julie Penrose, a well-known philanthropist in Colorado Springs. View the Lady Lynx Image Gallery by John Gomes.  
Coyote 5/13/14 We have a new coyote pup who arrived at 4.5 weeks old as an orphan from Baker City, Oregon. He was found on the side of the road by a citizen in Oregon and was taken to a vet for shots and deworming. The vet recognized that the pup may not be a domestic dog, so the vet kept the pup and conducted a DNA test. The test, confirming the pup as a coyote, led to him being placed with the Alaska Zoo as a companion for our existing 1-year-old coyote, Levi. View the Coyote Pup Image Gallery by John Gomes. 
Peale's Peregrine Falcon 5/2014 We received a male Peale’s peregrine falcon in mid-May from the Aleutian Islands. He was born in 2012 and is currently in our infirmary until he is moved to the habitat where the snowy owl is currently. We will move our snowy owl and a few other birds, so be on the lookout for changes on your next visit to the zoo. The Peale's peregrine is the largest and darkest-colored of all three peregrine subspecies. 
Wolf Pups 5/27/14 

We received five young wolf pups who were rescued from the Funny River forest fire on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. The pups were found by fire fighters adjacent to a fire break line made by the fire fighters. The pups are being housed and cared for by zoo staff until state wildlife officials find them a permanent home. View the Wolf Pup Image Gallery by John GomesRead the article from Alaska Department of Fish and Game regarding the discovery of the pups (link goes to their official Facebook page). UPDATE: The wolf pups are leaving on July 15 and the last day for public viewing is July 14. Click here to view the press release.

3 Moose Calves    We receive moose calves from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game when biologists find them orphaned or deem intervention necessary.