Homeless Animal's Day

Homeless Animal’s Day at the Alaska Zoo

Sunday, August 17th from Noon to 4pm

Join the Alaska Zoo and partners for Homeless Animal’s Day at the Alaska Zoo! Sunday, August 17th from noon to 4pm is all about celebrating what the Anchorage community does, and continues to do, for homeless animals.

The Alaska Zoo, Alaska SPCA, Anchorage Animal Care & Control, Alaska Humane Society, Alaska Mill & Feed, Advocates for Dog & Puppy Wellness, and Friends of Pets have come together to provide a fun event for visitors and community members to learn about how we help countless animals each year, and how you can do the same!

Come view some of the orphaned babies that found a home this year at the zoo, as well as photos and information about pets currently in need of adoption in the Anchorage area. Bring a donation for the zoo or your favorite adoption group and receive $2 off your Alaska Zoo Admission. Suggested donations include pet store gift cards, towels, blankets, food bowls, pet foods, toys & treats (crunchy bones, peanut butter, etc.).

For more information about this event, contact Stephanie Hartman, Alaska Zoo Education Director, at (907)341-6463 or email slhartman@alaskazoo.org. We look forward to seeing you on Homeless Animal’s Day at the Alaska Zoo.