Field Trips

Bring Your Education or Camp Group on a Zoo Field Trip!

Download our 2013/2014 School Program Flyers (PDF)

Basic Information:

  • All programs should be scheduled in advance of the program date and time.
  • A minimum of 24 hours is required to properly book your program.
  • All groups coming to the zoo must keep proper youth to adult ratios for the safety of zoo guests and animals.  Adults and/or chaperones must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Proper ratios are as follows:
    • Ages 12 and under require at least one adult per five youth.
    • Ages 12-17 require at least one adult per 10 youth.

When scheduling your program, please have the following information ready:

  • Program you are interested in scheduling
  • Preferred date and time
  • Number and age of students
  • Contact person's name, telephone number and email address
  • Address and telephone number of school or education group

Visit the Alaska Zoo on a scheduled field trip between August 21, 2013 and March 31, 2014 and receive ONE FREE student admission for every 10 paying student admissions.  This excludes Create-A-Camps.

Field Trip Programs:

Self Guided Safari

  • Description:  Great for all ages!  This is the basic teacher-led visit to the zoo.  To enhance the learning experience, zoo staff will send you a "Self Guided Safari Packet" in advance of your trip including zoo-prepared education materials for pre- and post-trip studies.  We also provide you a list of the zoo animals and their stories in the packet. 
  • Cost:  $6/student (age 3-17) and $9/adult (age 18 plus).  We do not accept annual passes as admission for Self-Guided Safaris.
  • To Schedule:  During the school year, all ASD teachers must submit a Community Resources Request form via school mail or fax to ASD Community Resources.  All other educators, please contact Marva Stevens at ASD Community Resources at (907) 742-4147 or to schedule.  For Self Guided Safari during the summer please schedule with our Outreach Coordinator at

Critter Tales

  • Description:  Recommended for students 1st grade and under.  Zoo staff read animal stories, then take the group to visit the animal species highlighted in the stories.  Program lasts up to 30 minutes, story reading in Gateway classroom.  After the program, enjoy a self-guided safari on your own!
  • Cost:  $8/student and $9/adult *
  • To Schedule:  Outreach Coordinator at or (907) 341-6458.

Hands-on Animal Detectives

  • Description:  Recommended for students 5th grade and under!  Zoo staff provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on with a variety of items from our animal bio-fact collection (feathers, whiskers, horns, furs, etc.).  Students can then visit an animal behind-the-scenes with zoo staff.  Program lasts up to 45 minutes, held in the Gateway classroom and on zoo grounds.  After the program, enjoy a self-guided safari on your own!
  • Cost:  $8/student and $9/adult *
  • To Schedule:  Outreach Coordinator at or (907) 341-6458.

Zoo School

  • Description:  Recommended for students 3rd grade and over.  Students join zoo staff in the Gateway classroom for a 30-45 minute program on one of our pre-prepared topics, followed by a behind-the-scenes encounter on zoo grounds.  The total program length is 1.5 hours, so you may still have time for a short self-guided safari on your own.  Topics include, but are not limited to Polar Bears & Global Climate Change, Arctic Ecosystems, Zoo Clue, Toys for Anima ls, Moose Madness,Alaskan Owl Antics, Snow Cat Conservation, Wild About Wolves, Animal Training 101 and more!
  • Cost:  $9/student and $9/adult *
  • To Schedule:  Outreach Coordinator at or (907) 341-6458.

Guided Encounter

  • Description:  Recommended for 3rd grade and over.  Take a 1.5 hour guided tour to see as many zoo animals as possible, including 1 behind-the-scenes stop at our polar bear habitat.  You may still have time for a short self-guided safari after the tour!
  • Cost:  $9/student and $9/adult *
  • To Schedule:  Outreach Coordinator at or (907) 341-6458.


  • Description:  Would you like to schedule the ultimate experience for your education group?  Check out our pre-prepared list of Create-a-Camp topics.  These tailored camps include multiple behind-the-scenes encounters, and are availabe in either half-day or full day sessions.
  • Cost:  $20/half-day student, $40/full-day student and $9/adult*.
  • To Schedule:  Camp Coordinator at or (907) 341-6432.

* Please note that annual passes cannot be applied to your admission rate.  The program fees cover required staff time and preparation for these programs.  Thank you for your understanding.