Arctic Discoveries

Arctic Discoveries

These Distance Learning programs are for non-formal education experiences, e.g., libraries, before and after school programs, etc.

Let us bring the Alaska Zoo to you with our fun and interactive Arctic Discoveries! These 30-45 minute programs will immerse you into the lives of Arctic, subarctic and like-climate species at the Alaska Zoo! Through these educational distance learning experiences your group will get up-close encounters with zoo animals and personalized time with experienced staff members. Discover how we care for our animals, what and how much they eat, how animals communicate, and much more!

Program topics include, but are not limited to:

Curious Corvids
Corvids are an amazing family of birds known for their curiosity and intelligence. Learn how to identify different birds of this family and let us help you become a corvid expert! Here at the Alaska Zoo we have ravens and magpies that will surprise you with their ability to use their brain power to solve problems as they encounter challenges in their environment.

Gray Wolves of Alaska
Let us introduce you to our wolf pack at the Alaska Zoo! Wolf packs are incredibly dynamic social groups, and through this program you will be immersed into the lives of the Alaska Zoo wolf pack. This program gives you the unique opportunity to meet a wolf and learn about how they interact and communicate. You will be inspired to learn more about the wild canines of Alaska!

Harbor Seals Dive!
Have you ever wondered what it takes to survive in the Arctic waters of Alaska? Dive in with our harbor seals at the Alaska Zoo and find out how these seals thrive in our cold waters! You will have a front row seat at our underwater viewing area of the seal habitat, so get ready to be immersed in your EdZoocational program with our seals at the Alaska zoo!

*Muskox Mayhem* (NEW)
Meet the Alaska Zoo's family of muskox as you uncover the secrets to surviving on the tundra! These rugged animals have been living in the Arctic since the last ice age (about 10,000 years agao) and we will show you what it takes for a muskox to endure their harsh climate.

Moose Mysteries
Uncover the mysteries of a giant hooved icon, the moose! This EdZoocational program at the Alaska Zoo will unveil what it takes to be a mischievous moose in Alaska! The zoo will give you an up-close look at our antlered friends as we learn about this symbol of the north.

NeighBEARly Bears
The state of Alaska is unique in that all three species of North American bear live in Alaska! As a resident or visitor it is important to understand how we can share Alaska with our resident bears. This program will take you into the lives of our brown or black bears and let the zoo give you some tips on how to be bear aware!

Predators of the Sky
Fly into the Alaska Zoo and participate in a virtual encounter with one of our birds of prey! Discover hawks, eagles, owls and more when you embark on this learning journey with our feathered friends. Don’t miss this chance to get a first-hand look at these beautiful birds and what it takes for them to be experts of the sky!

Prickly Porcupines
Through this virtual experience with the Alaska Zoo you will have a special opportunity to meet one of our resident porcupines and discover the truth behind the myths of this adorable Alaskan rodent! Our porcupine ambassadors will amaze you with their adaptations and why they need to be prickly porcupines!

Polar Bears 101
Meet our resident polar bears at the Alaska Zoo and discover amazing Arctic icons through an up-close encounter at our polar bear habitat. This experience will unveil how these unique animals thrive in our Arctic environment and what adaptations make them the ultimate survivor!

Polar Bears and a Changing Climate
Find out why polar bears are facing challenges in their Arctic environment and discover how polar bears at the Alaska Zoo provide important insight into wild polar bear research! This program will provide you with a greater understanding of how a changing climate affects the ability of this amazing animal to survive.

Snow Cat Conservation
During your virtual visit to the zoo you will have an up-close encounter with one of the Alaska Zoo’s frosty felines! These unique cats thrive in colder climates and we will show you how! Canadian Lynx, Snow leopards and Amur tigers are part of Species Survival Plans (SSP) to help captive populations and your adventure with us will show you how you can help these wild cats!

Tigers and Enrichment (Toys)
Amur tigers are the largest of the big cat species! Discover what it takes to keep these beautiful predators engaged at the Alaska Zoo through enrichment, or tiger toys! Watch our tigers receive enrichment and learn why it’s so important to the health of our animals. This EdZoocational opportunity is truly unFURgettable!

Zoo Babies (seasonal, call for more information)
An important aspect of our mission at the Alaska Zoo is to provide a home for orphaned, injured and captive-born animals. Get an up-close look at how the zoo cares for orphaned and injured animals and meet some of our latest zoo babies! Get inspired and learn what you can do to help these amazing animal ambassadors!

Zoo Scene Investigators
Use your sleuthing abilities to help us solve animal mysteries! Animals leave behind clues that we can use to solve many wild puzzles. Compare animal tracks, fur and scat from some of our Alaska Zoo animals and find out how to match the clues they leave behind with the right animal! This experience will be sure to make you an Alaska Zoo animal detective expert!

Cost: $70 per program; 30 person maximum to provide your group with the best experience possible. Scheduled programs cancelled with less than 48 hour notice are nonrefundable.

Arctic Discoveries are scheduled to meet your program needs. Contact Distance Learning Coordinator Ryan Kildea at or (907) 341-6462 to reserve your Arctic Discoveries program. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance from desired date. Please see our time zone chart to help when scheduling your program.