Animal Updates

Alaska Zoo Animal Updates

In an effort to provide visitors and supporters with the "scoop" on animals at the Alaska Zoo, our animal husbandry staff will update this page weekly. Thank you for your interest!

  • 3/15/17 Peggy Sue, the female porcupine, had her teeth trimmed.  Her initial injuries where thought to have come about after she was hit by a car.  She had to have one of her front paws amputated and her jaw does not align correctly, which would normally allow her incisors to wear down naturally.  Because porcupines teeth continually grow she need us to trim them for her every 2-3 months.
  • 3/1/17 Wild bald eagles have been frequenting the zoo visiting with resident eagles, Jude and Leuco.
  • 2/20/17 Jake and Oreo, the brown bears, where both awake and chilling out on the porch to the den building.
  • 2/14/17 Flying squirrels will be moving to a large outdoor enclosure today. With all of the very cold weather, we have been slowly acclimating them. We will take advantage of this warm weather and a heat pad to finish their transition. Look for them next to the Sitka deer.